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Skills International provides a range of vocational educational services to support skills development around the world. We aim to support workforce development by ensuring industries, organisations and people have the skills they need for their jobs, and for the world we live in.

Whether we are designing, developing or evaluating training you can be assured that our customised solutions are able to adapt to your industry, sector and skill level. We have the ability to improve workforce development at every level of role complexity, from basic to expert.

Skills International is a learning and innovation focused organisation. We are always adding to our knowledge. The experience we acquire with each project and during our day-to-day work is harnessed to optimise the success of our next project.

The frameworks we put in place for training create robust, dynamic links between industry, organisations, trainees and their success.

The resulting training solutions are fully adaptable and customised to each client’s needs.

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National occupation standards

At Skills International we design and develop customised national qualifications and national occupational standards. This means that we can develop national occupational standards and qualifications that link into formal qualifications and accreditation frameworks. Alternatively, we can develop organisational occupational standards that support career development and progression.

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When we design and develop our standards we work closely with our clients to ensure we understand what is needed for the success of their people, organisation, and the broader industry.

When we work with international clients, we can also align their qualifications and/or occupational standards to the New Zealand Qualifications Framework, further extending the career opportunities and educational recognition of their people.
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Development of behavioural competency frameworks

We work with people and organisations to help them establish behavioural competency frameworks that develop skills for their organisations and industries. Behavioural competency frameworks provide a structure and a set of standards for the key behaviours and competences organisations would like to develop.

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Our competency frameworks have proven to be particularly useful for employees, ensuring they know exactly the skills they need to succeed and develop in their roles. We can align competency frameworks to national standards (e.g. qualifications frameworks). This means that staff can also gain valuable and recognised qualifications while they are doing their jobs.

Our frameworks support and improve staff retention and engagement, as well as organisational performance. The frameworks are particularly useful in performance reviews giving employees a clear set of guidelines to follow, showing what is expected of them in their role. They also provide the reviewer with a structured framework to assess against.
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Evaluation and quality assurance

Skills International ensures that there is robust evaluation of the solutions we develop. This guarantees the training is fit for purpose and that the desired learning outcomes are achieved.

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Our quality assurance processes ensure that learning outcomes are aligned to specified standards. We also regularly work with larger organisations who are undertaking training across a number of sites to ensure consistency of training and assessment throughout their organisation.
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Tailored training programme design, implementation and alignment

Our tailored training programmes develop the required competency to meet a specified standard – be it for an organisational standard or a nationally recognised qualification.

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Our blended approach to learning combines the use of a wide range of techniques. Using our instructional design expertise, we can combine everything from face-to-face classroom teaching, to e-learning as well as the use of hardcopy resources and practical training to best meet the requirements of the learners and their learning outcomes.

Skills International also develops assessment materials to formally confirm competence. We develop clear guidance for assessors so that they can ensure the training has achieved the desired outcomes.

Our training programmes are tailored to the environment within which a person is learning. For example, we work with organisations to embed programmes into their daily operations and align the training requirements to the specified standard. We can also develop programmes that educational organisations can deliver to ensure their learners achieve the required objectives.

We develop assessor capability for organisations and educational institutions. We do this through providing customised assessor training programmes that can lead to nationally recognised qualifications. This ensures that organisations can undertake in-house assessment of their staff, making training more valuable, timely and cost-effective.
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Research and reporting

Skills International regularly undertakes workforce and organisational development research and reporting to inform strategic plans and learning and development strategies

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We research labour market trends and forecasts for organisations that are planning for their future. Our research includes surveying the current and future skill requirements, and providing a strategic plan for how organisations can respond.

The information captured guides the development of occupational standards and industry qualifications.

At an operational level, this information can also support organisational development planning to ensure organisations are well positioned to respond to any changes to workforce development requirements.