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Vodafone New Zealand

The Skills Organisation has been working closely with Vodafone New Zealand (Vodafone) since 2012 to boost employee engagement and retention.

The learning need

As Vodafone was already committed to delivering high quality training internally, it made sense to align the training to nationally recognised qualifications achievable by staff on the job. By equipping staff with formal qualifications for life, Vodafone began to see increased staff engagement and reduced voluntary staff turnover.

The solution: Vodafone Qualifications Programme (VQP)

Following consultation, The Skills Organisation and Vodafone worked together to design and roll out the Vodafone Qualifications Programme (VQP) in June 2015.

This partnership was the first of its kind seen in New Zealand, as it allowed Vodafone to access government funding direct and award its staff NZQA qualifications.

This also opened up opportunities for staff to progress on to further education, such as Bachelor degrees.

The key to success for the VQP was the way it was seamlessly integrated into Vodafone’s existing business processes. Vodafone’s existing training programmes were aligned to national qualifications that The Skills Organisation offered.

This meant that tasks learned on the job could be formally recognised towards a qualification.

The outcomes
  • After its first year, 220 completed qualifications had been awarded, and 405 employees were currently in active training.
  • 90% of those enrolled completed their qualification.
  • The qualifications being studied by Vodafone staff include National Certificates in Adult Education, Project Management, First Line Management, Contact Centre, and Retail Sales.
  • Additionally, three Vodafone staff are now underway with Bachelor degrees, having completed their National Certificates.

Such results have led Vodafone to set grand goals moving forward. By January 2017, they hope to have 550 qualifications in place among their staff.